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John MacLean’s Speech from the Dock

I wish no harm to any human being, but I, as one man, am going to exercise my freedom of speech. No human being on the face of the earth, no government is going to take from me my right to speak, my right to protest against wrong, my right to do everything that is for the benefit of mankind. I am not here, then, as the accused; I am here as the accuser of capitalism dripping with blood from head to foot.

Red Clydeside:-




It’s a real puzzle - because if you look at the period before the Enlightenment, Scotland was a poor country. They even executed witches a few decades before the Enlightenment - the Ministers of the Church were not very tolerant. So how come a country like that produces one of the greatest…



Ten years before I saw the light of morning
A comradeship of heroes was laid
From every corner of the world came sailing
The Fifth International Brigade

They came to stand beside the Spanish people
To try and stem the rising fascist tide
Franco’s allies were the powerful and wealthy
Frank Ryan’s men came from the other side

Even the olives were bleeding
As the battle for Madrid it thundered on
Truth and love against the force of evil
Brotherhood against the fascist clan


Viva la Quinta Brigada
“No Pasaran”, the pledge that made them fight
“Adelante” is the cry around the hillside
Let us all remember them tonight

Bob Hilliard was a Church of Ireland pastor
Form Killarney across the Pyrenees he came
From Derry came a brave young Christian Brother
Side by side they fought and died in Spain

Tommy Woods age seventeen died in Cordoba
With Na Fianna he learned to hold his gun
From Dublin to the Villa del Rio
Where he fought and died beneath the blazing sun


Many Irishmen heard the call of Franco
Joined Hitler and Mussolini too
Propaganda from the pulpit and newspapers
Helped O’Duffy to enlist his crew

The word came from Maynooth, “support the Nazis”
The men of cloth failed again
When the Bishops blessed the Blueshirts in Dun Laoghaire
As they sailed beneath the swastika to Spain


This song is a tribute to Frank Ryan
Kit Conway and Dinny Coady too
Peter Daly, Charlie Regan and Hugh Bonar
Though many died I can but name a few

Danny Boyle, Blaser-Brown and Charlie Donnelly
Liam Tumilson and Jim Straney from the Falls
Jack Nalty, Tommy Patton and Frank Conroy
Jim Foley, Tony Fox and Dick O’Neill



Bayard Rustin


It is said that this man has been marginalised by history as he was gay yet it appears he is the strategist behind Martin Luther King! It would also seem it was he who was behind King linking the black struggle to the class struggle-a change in outlook studiously ignored in conventional portrayals of King….but to my mind,as with Malcolm X,the reason for his assassination. I have no truck with conspiracy theories but this coincidence is difficult to ignore.And while the fact Bayard Rustin was gay was used to discredit him,the reason he has been marginalised was fear of his ideals of socialism and human equality and more importantly that he had the audacity to successfully organise to achieve his ideals.

Why Celtic must sack Leigh Griffiths

Only 5 per cent of Irish Scots accept they have an Irish heritage.It was the intent of the Catholic Church,through their schools,to turn Irish immigrants into British subjects to swell the influence of Catholicism within the UK.They have succeeded only too well.What remnants of memory remain are due to Celtic supporters but they have to compete against a Management who constantly want to downplay those aspects of our heritage,such as rebellion and equality,that their fellow Capitalists find anathema as it encourages us to challenge their power but at the same time Management has no wish to do anything to weaken the link that the ties to Ireland give them to the world-wide market of the Irish diaspora.What a dilemma for them! If this young man is allowed to continue at Celtic Park it weakens our heritage and gives more power to those at Celtic Park who do side with those who want to see all that is vital in our history sanitized and neutralized, turning Celtic FC into any other capitalist commodity.He’s
also been given one chance over his racism.That’s one chance more than he should have had,Throw him to the dogs!
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